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Session Topic and Speaker Chair
Bleaching Technologies

Effect of Hardwoods Lignin Structure on Alkaline Peroxide Bleachability – Oleg Shagaev

Improving Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching of Bamboo Chemo-mechanical Pulp by a Combination Method of Twin Screw Extruder and Aqueous Alcohol Media –  Fangmin Liang

Effect of alkali source and cleanliness on the loss of strength in peroxide bleaching – Rita Ferritsius

Strengthening mechanical pulp through 2-way alkaline peroxide treatments – Rodger Beatson

Thomas Granfeldt
CTMP Gentle Separation of Spruce Wood Into
Fibers – Erik PerssonChemi-mechanical pulps from Agricultural residues – Guigan FangOperating experience with a zero-effluent BCTMP mill at ITC Bhadrachalam – Peter Bräuer
Antti Luukkonen
HC and LC Refining

Abrasive refining of spruce and birch CTMP fibres –  Birgitta Engberg

New centreplate design affects DD refiner performance – Christer Sandberg

Identification and Minimization of Fiber Cutting in Multivariable Quality Controllers – Bill Strand

LCR aiming to high strength CTMP at maintained bulk  – Jan-Erik Berg

Karl Murton
Mechanical Pulp Fundamentals

Fibre separation and fines generation – Lars Johansson

Mill Experiences Regarding Heterogeneity of Mechanical Pulps – Olof Ferritsius

High bulk tensile mechanical pulp production – James Olson


Characterisation of impregnation depth in wood and in individual wood fibres (cells) related manufacturing of advanced wood and fibre materials replacing present fossil based materials – Hafizur Rahman

Characterization of screw feeder compression and its effect on wood cellulose accessibility – Miguel Villalba

Evaluation of fibre analysers – Rita Ferritsius

Low energy methods for mechanical pulping – Jan Nordin

Christer Sandberg
Mill Optimization

Optimized utilization of groundwood lines with single layer grinding surfaces for pulp production and electrical grid stabilization – Tomas Björkqvist

Mech pulp mills as a tool for Demand Response – Carlo dal Monte

Hallsta 2014 – the Energy Transformation Project of Hallsta Paper Mill – Magnus Rydstrand

A unoform pulp quality leads to improved operating efficency, but will reducing the short term variations have any signifcant impact? – Ola Johansson

Zhirun Yuan
New Applications for Mechanical Pulp

Wet strength papers from CTMP and NSK by combining wet strenght additives and hot-pressing – Anna Svedberg

Isolation and purification of high-molecular weight hemicelluloses from radiata pine wood chips prior to thermo-mechanical pulp (TMP) production – Karl Murton

Overview of Biorefinery Opportunities for Canadian Forest Industry – Option for Mechanical Pulp Mills? – Zhirun Yuan

Production of lignin-containing cellulose nanofibrils (LCNFs) and sugars from bleached softwood chemi-thermomechanical pulp – Ran Bi and Han


Wet strength and water absorption in furnish – Rita Ferritsius

Ultrasound assisted TEMPO oxidation on Kraft and thermomechanical pulp for nanofibers production – David Myja

Lignin containing nanocellulose (LCN) production by deep eutectic solvent pretreatment with high yield – Jungang Jiang

Biodegradable CTMP bags is the future –  Sven Norgren

Repurposing CTMP as a pretreatment “front end” for a potential wood based biorefinery – Adam Wu

Guigan Fang
Process Modelling and Control

Feeding of Double Refiners – Rotor design evaluation – Johan Persson

Fibre cutting and balance optimization in a twin-flow LC refiner – Matthias Aigner

A Modified Scenario-based Stochastic MPC with Applications in Mechanical Pulping Processes – Hui Tian

Comparison of refining process and online analyser design alternatives based on achievable control performance – Johan Sund

Dynamic modelling of pulp properties – Fredrik Bengtsson

Optimization and control of CD refiner – Anders Karlström


MP Process Control with Reinforcement Learning based on Economic Nonlinear Model Predictive Control – Ying Xiong

Jan Hill